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Obsidian Order Airsoft Team

World Domination Is Our Goal

Obsidian Order Airsoft
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We are an airsoft team based in Orange County dedicated to constantly improving our skills and having as much field time as possible.
Made up of people all across Southern California, our members range in age from 18 to 28. Our team has been around for one and a half years and we pride ourselves on our teamwork, cooperation and loyalty to The Order.
The Obsidian Order use a US military based ranking system. This provides new recruits an opportunity to prove themselves loyal to our cause as well as gives more experienced players a way to advance in rank. There are lots of benefits to earning higher rank in our group.

We encourage you to join our discussion today and find out for yourself just why you should be a part of The Obsidian Order today. Or, take a look at our recruitment information.


Contact info:
Please feel free to contact us through email
or IM us on Yahoo: obsidianorderairsoft
or IM us on Jabber: obsidianorderas@livejournal.com
other services available, please contact Major Katz

We highly reccomend this website for a wide range of everything to do with airsoft m4a1 airsoft

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Useful Links:
Team Roster
An early message on recruitment