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Recruitment [Nov. 14th, 2006|12:47 am]
Obsidian Order Airsoft


A message to potential recruits considering enlisting in The Order:

Welcome to the Obsidian Order! At ease Soldiers…

You might be wondering “What is the Obsidian Order?” Simply put, we are a dedicated Airsoft team, located in the Orange County area. We are made up of players from all across Southern California that range from ages 18 to 28. We are a new team, only a year and a half old, but we pride ourselves on teamwork, cooperation and loyalty to the game and to the Order. All our teammates, past and present agree we are a distinctly unique airsofting

The Obsidian Order uses a modified ranking system to keep things organized within its hierarchy. Based on a combination of actual military grades, a player can enter as a Recruit, but achieve multiple awards, possibly finding themselves directly commanding and leading an assault squad! We have regular firing tests and promotions that allow all players an equal opportunity to advance into the upper echelons of the team. It is designed to be as fluid as possible, responding to the fluctuating needs of our players.

The Obsidian Order is comprised of 2 tiers; A-tier and B-tier. The command staff and senior players make up A-tier. They must be proficient in their choice of weapons and possess a desire to be the best. They play every weekend, and spend one weekday night, target shooting. If you want to be apart of A-tier, you must prove your commitment.
B-tier is made up of players that are new to the sport or have limitations on their playing schedules. B-tier plays every other weekend and is open to all skill levels. Any new Recruit is automatically placed into B-tier, but if they are a committed Airsofter, they are usually promoted and given a rank and patch. They may also be given a request to join the A-tier. Timing for a promotion depends on the frequency of participation and varies per each player. Promotion is never guaranteed.

What you need to play.
There are 4 things you will need if you want to get serious with the Obsidian Order:

#1. You will need an AEG (Automatic Electric Gun). These range in price from the super cheap to the really expensive. We at the Obsidian Order use mostly Tokyo Marui and G&G armaments. We highly recommend almost anything from Tokyo Marui. They are a great company and most of their guns have a decent out of the box FPS.
Hfc Gas Guns are ok too, but no spring loaded guns

#2. Good shoes, preferably boots. We do a lot of hiking and running through tall grass and shrubs. Protective footwear is a must.

#3. Eye protection. You must have some sort of goggles in order to play airsoft. BBs can leave welts and can even break skin. Your eyes are very vulnerable, protect them. Even if you wear glasses, that is not good enough.
Get eye or full face protection.

#4. BBs, lots of BBs. Depending on your gun of choice, you can buy an assortment of weights: .125 grams, .20 grams, .25 grams, .30 grams...it goes on and on. Check what your manufacturer recommends. What ever kind you
get, get a good amount so you don’t have to end the game early on the account of no ammo. You can usualy get 5000 BBs for around $10-$20. We mostly use .20 gram BBs by Crossman and Tsunami.

The Obsidian Order is always looking for Airsofters!! We want to expand our numbers! We need players interested in having fun playing airsoft, but also possessing a commitment to the sport. All levels of players are welcome and encouraged. Don’t know what Airsoft is? Don’t have a gun yet? No problem! We have a limited supply of entry level guns that anyone can use. Come see how the game is played. Just contact us by email at Obsidianorderairsoft@yahoo.com to find out when and where our next meeting/game is going to be held.

The Order